Statement of purpose


           This tells you what we do and how, what laws we have to abide by, who

                 provide a service to and what our values are.

                 The management team and directors of Onward Enterprises and PM&R

                 Management look at it every year and will be available on our website.


What we do

            Onward Enterprises provides work placements for adults with learning

                  difficulties, mental health and people on the autism spectrum.




                          Onward Enterprises labels seals close and puts together products for

                        Other companies.



Who manages Onward Enterprises?

                PM and R management ( Peter Sindall, Margery Sindall, Rachel  

                          Allum-Sindall and Ruth Sindall) are responsible for the buildings

                             and equipment we use.


                          Rachel Allum-Sindall is responsible for the day to day management

                           of Onward Enterprises.



                             Julie Harrop is responsible for managing our Thetford site



                      Paul Allum is responsible for managing our Harleston site.













Rachel, Julie and Paul are responsible for making decisions about Onward Enterprises. Rachel, Julie and Paul make sure our policies are up to date and that everyone in Onward Enterprises knows about them and works within the rules.


The management team are supported by an administration team who are





Heather Goddard








Onward Enterprises have a supervisory team across both sites who are,


Senior Supervisors



Janet Norman and Steve Podd 



Debbie Riches and Carol Roberts


               Our vision

Onward Enterprises wants to give our service users and customers a good service. We want to give people the opportunity to do their best and learn new skills.

   Our mission statement or what we feel describes us best.

Delivering and outstanding service to both client and customer through our commitment and care



Our Values




  To respect others and treat them well. To want to work together and support

   individual goals as well as the goals of                Onward Enterprises





  To like what we do and do it to the best of our ability. To meet individuals

    needs as well as the needs of customers.




                       Doing our best all of the time and taking care in what we do.






             Being open and honest about our charges and showing value for money






What we want to do


                              Onward Enterprises wants to continue to work well with people,

                               and make what we do even better.


                              We want to make what we do cost effective and always look at

                              we can do to give greater value to clients and customers.


We use legislation to make sure we support people in the right way, we use…










These help us plan deliver and monitor our service



Our aims are;


  •  To provide a good service to people with learning difficulties, mental health issues and people on the autism spectrum.

  • To provide a good service to industry by using an integrated workforce.

  • To provide a realistic workplace for people who would struggle without support.

  • To provide training and improve people’s skills.

  • To support people in doing their best through supervision.

  • To develop and improve what we do.

  • To seek evaluation and feedback for our work.



Our objectives are;


  • People get a high level of care and support.

  • What we do for companies is at a high standard.

  • We have a team that work to the best of their ability.

  • No-one is bullied, physically, verbally, emotionally or financially.

  • We celebrate difference and respect everybody.

  • To support people feeling good about themselves and what they do.

  • To promote people’s right to choose.

  • To support learning.

  • To get people’s views on how we are doing.

  • To choose the best staff we can.

  • To make sure we give good advice and support.

  •  To provide training for all.

  • To regularly review peoples care plans and contribute to Social Services and home reviews.

  • To make sure our structure works.

  • To make sure what we do is monitored and in the best interests of the company. 

  • To make sure we work as a community interest company.

  • To manage Onward Enterprises resources in the best way we can ensuring the best possible service.

  • To make sure administrative practices are in place to help staff and service users can do their jobs well.

  • To make sure information we keep is right, available and meets current legislation.




Our commitment to equality and diversity


Onward Enterprises CIC know we live and work in a diverse community. Onward Enterprises offer people opportunities from all backgrounds and our company reflects the community around us.


         Training is given to staff to understand different people’s needs in line with their race, gender,                  culture, religion, sexuality and ability.

         We challenge people and groups who discriminate against any service user in any way and                  celebrate diversity.



Service users


  Onward Enterprises gives people the opportunity to work as part of a team packaging for other companies. People can come to us directly or can be referred by their social worker. You can spend a day with us to see if you like it and we can offer you up to 5 days per week. We will offer you training and regular reviews.


Commercial customers

Onward Enterprises provides contract packing and fulfilment across East Anglia. Onward Enterprises is committed to providing our services to industry at competitive rates. Onward Enterprises works closely with our customers to meet their needs.


Compliments and complaints

Anything that worries you or upsets you as well as anything we are doing well that you think you should let us know about tell your supervisor. We will treat this with respect.




Created by                       Paul Allum 27/10/2016

contract packing, fulfilment and supported working

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