Dave's Story
You can volunteer for our holiday
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  2007 was a very significant year, my wife to be, Ruth , was working for an agency.   A ‘temping’ Job for Onwards Enterprises, Thetford Unit.  The work and the Team immediately engaged Ruth. I was subsequently asked if I could spare a bit of time for a “holiday” to Butlins . It was my first year of volunteering to support our friends, the  team.  An experience from which I have never looked back and continue , supported our Onwards Family.

I work for National Grid as a project engineer/manager.  The title is a general description for a job without any real limits, where experience and knowledge continue to expand.  This has been reflected with my ‘Onwards’ voluntary work.

Starting with The Butlin’s support it continued into working and supporting ‘The Panto’ .

These two events are the high points of mine and the “Onwards” year. 

Since 2019, Ruth and me have moved jobs , got married , become grandparents.

 But despite this and an  ever-changing pattern of our life, we have maintained passion for the Onwards way of life.

 Demands on Ruth’s time (Grandchildren, business) have put a limit on Ruth’s support.   Our experience has made us review the importance of supporting community.  Ruth and National Grid have allowed me flexibility to continue to support all my friends in the “Butlin’s”  holiday Team and Panto Crew to this time and I hope for the future.